Vincent Chiodo, one of seven brothers and sisters, was born in Melbourne to an Italian father and and Irish-Australian mother. His father, Anthony (who recently turned 100!), emigrated from rural Italy as a teenager and established one of the first Italian grocers in Melbourne.

The entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in Vince and his brothers, and they started a business of their own in the 1970s—the Peter Stevens Group. Always encouraged by their parents to succeed, Vince and his brothers worked tirelessly, aware and appreciative of their father’s humble beginnings.

Vince was very passionate about his family, his staff and business. He was also an avid sportsman, particularly keen on trail bike riding and skiing. He was extremely generous with his time, and loved helping people in need. He remained active, passionate and generous his whole life.


In 2011 Vince was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. His general health and fitness helped him to recover quickly from surgery, and to enjoy his remaining 20 months of life.

Before his death, Vince and his daughter, Jess, established the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation, along with Vince’s trusted business associate and friend, Darren Munro. Vince was shocked at the cost of his medical treatment, and felt a duty to help those who couldn’t afford the world class treatment that he had access to. 


Vince was passionate about equitable access to medicine and education, especially when it came to children, and these form the key principles upon which the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation is built.

Since beginning operation in mid-2013, the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation has donated over one million dollars to charities and institutions working in Australia and abroad.

Here is a list of the foundation’s major gifts to date:

Alfred Hospital Foundation: $410,000

Royal Children’s Hospital: $100,000

Cancer Council NSW: $60,000

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre: $50,000

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute: $330,000


Passionate Employee Grants

In 2014 the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation also undertook a programme involving the employees of the entire Peter Stevens Group - the Passionate Employees Grants.

This programme encouraged staff to suggest charities that they had personal connections with, and has allowed the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation to donate a further $100,000 to charities that they may have never discovered otherwise.

The following donations were granted as selected by our employees:

Challenge: $10,000 for ‘Date Night’. 60% of parents living with a child with cancer will separate or divorce. Date Night is a program designed to give parents of sick children a night off, the chance to enjoy a nice meal together and have a small moment to themselves. This donation will pay for 40 couples to have a special night to themselves.

Kickstart For Kids: $10,000 to provide breakfasts and lunches to school children who would otherwise go without. Children who don’t have access to breakfast and lunch have poor school attendance rates, as well as concentration and behaviour problems. This donation will help provide breakfasts and lunches to children in South Australian schools.

LINK Community Transport: $10,000 to help improve their facilities. LINK Community Transport keeps elderly and disabled individuals engaged in their communities by transporting them to and from recreational activities. This grant will help LINK get more people engaged in their communities.

Panton Hill Fire Brigade: $10,000 to help improve their facilities. Panton Hill Fire Brigade, part of the CFA, is a small brigade which has seen the devastating effects of bushfire firsthand, having lost five members during Ash Wednesday. The brigade’s facilities are struggling to provide for their ageing members, and this donation will help improve their facilities to make for a more safe and efficient brigade.

Make A Wish Foundation: $10,000 to help grant the wishes of sick children. The Make A Wish Foundation needs no introduction. Their great work has had a huge impact worldwide for over thirty years, and this donation will help them to keep doing so.

Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association (MDDA): $10,000 to help fund research into PKU. PKU is a genetic disease which, when left untreated, can lead to severe mental disability in children. There is currently no cure, but this donation to MDDA will help fund research into a cure for PKU.

St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne: $10,000 to help purchase new medical equipment. St. Vincent’s Hospital are a leading hospital in cardiac surgery, but their equipment is out-of-date. They are looking to purchase new equipment which will allow surgeons to perform key-hole cardiac surgery. This donation will help St. Vincent’s Hospital to purchase this new equipment.

Tour de Diabetes: $10,000 to expand the Tour de Diabetes. The Tour de Diabetes is an annual event that provides children with Type 1 Diabetes with education around the disease and exercise. This donation will help the Tour de Diabetes reach more Victorians.

Wonga Park Primary School: $10,000 to help them build an indoor sports facility. Wonga Park Primary School, and the whole community, are looking forward to building the only undercover sports facility in the area. The completed building will not only be a sports centre, but also a venue for use by community groups.

World Vision Australia: $8,000 to help disadvantaged people overseas. We are currently working with World Vision Australia to find a project that sits with the passions Peter Stevens, PSI, Harley Heaven and Monza employees. At this stage we’re looking at projects involving bicycles, as well as motorbikes, to help provide fast, cheap and efficient transport for those who need it most.

Rocket: $2,000 to help children with autism-spectrum disorders and their families. Rocket are a South Australian charity which helps families to access treatment programs for autism-spectrum disorders. Thanks to their programs, children with autism can reach their full potential.


Vince Chiodo Memorial Ride

An annual memorial ride began in 2014 as a celebration of Vince’s life and achievements. Details of the annual ride will be distributed on our news page.

The Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation works hard to find worthy charities and institutions, and is committed to continuing its good work. 

If you would like more information about the Foundation, and whether your charity is eligible for a grant, please contact us at