Peter Stevens Motorcycle dealerships have been and continue to operate in the following locations:

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Vince Chiodo was one of the original founders of Peter Stevens Motorcycles. Vince had an entrepreneurial spirit from the very beginning, combined with a vision to build a premium motorcycle dealership where customers could have all their motorcycling needs catered for under the one roof.

Vince was very passionate about family, his staff and the business. He was a keen motorcyclist, and particularly enjoyed trail bike riding in the bush, as well as going water and snow skiing.

Vince was generous with his time, loved helping people, and always enjoyed the hustle and bustle of being on the dealership floor. In 2011 Vince was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, and unfortunately passed away in February of 2013.

Before his death, Vince and his daughter, Jess, established the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation, along with Vince’s trusted business associate and close friend, Darren Munro.

Vince was passionate about equitable access to medicine and education, social justice and climate change especially when it came to children, and these form key principles upon which the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation is built.

Since beginning operation in mid-2013, the Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation has donated over five million dollars to various charities and institutions working in Australia and abroad. The Foundation also partners with Peter Stevens Motorcycles for various charitable activities including an employee passionate grants program whereby staff can make applications for donations of up to $10,000 to charities and causes they are passionate about.