Michelin® Motorcycle Tyres

The Michelin Group® is a global company headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Founded in 1880, the Michelin Group® provides tyres to over 170 countries. Michelin brothers André and Édouard embarked on a great human and industrial odyssey in 1889 – to develop modern transport solutions that assisted freedom and economic development through ceaseless innovation.

Since then the Michelin brand has been associated with many industries and world firsts: the first detachable bicycle tyre (1891), the first paved runway in the world (1916), the first Radial tyre (1946) to name a few. 

The Michelin Group® makes tyres locally for your specific needs and road conditions in one of 69 production facilities around the world. 

Michelin is a leader in innovation and sustainable development for the mobility of people and goods.

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