Learners Hit the Street

Learners Hit the Street

With the release of the second quarter motorcycle sales figures, it goes to prove something we at Harley-Heaven have known for quite some time, namely that the Harley-Davidson Street 500 (XG500) is a big hit with new and returning riders.

Sales of this little dynamo are up a massive 45 per cent compared to this time last year, proving that people are still keen to get on a proper motorcycle to start their Harley-Davidson journey.

Talking to the many buyers coming into our stores, most have said they’ve had to wait some weeks for a vacancy at the rider training facilities, such has been the demand for new riders to get licensed.

The Street 500 presents a dignified entry point for new riders not wishing to serve their L-time on a step-thru or scooter. It’s a proper V-Twin, just like its big brothers and comes pillion-ready and with plenty of accessories to personalise the bike. Once optional, ABS is now standard on Street 500 - and the brakes really work.

What are the media saying about the Street 500:

New Harley Davidson handover

“... the Street 500 is a formidable learner option compared to anything in the cruiser market, and to me carries that cruiser personality and feeling and delivers in spades across the board.” - BikeReview.com.au

“The Street 500 offers a visceral experience on the road, one that should appeal to someone starting out in the motorcycle fraternity or returning to the fold after an extended hiatus.” - drive.com.au

“The Street 500 is one of the smoothest rides on the road” - AMCN

But don’t take their word for it. Come in to your local Harley-Heaven dealer and give the Street 500 a ride. We know you’ll love it.


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