Harley-Heaven Sydney Grand Opening Party | Gallery

Harley-Heaven Sydney Grand Opening Party | Gallery

Harley-Heaven Sydney launches new dealership in HOG style

While the doomsayers have their heads in their hands, one motorcycle brand will never say die. Through two World Wars, depressions, recessions and crises over 115 years, Harley-Davidson powers on.

This resilience was never more obvious than with last week’s opening extravaganza at the newest Harley-Heaven (H-H) dealership at Tempe, near Sydney’s CBD. Previously located within the structure of a multi-brand prestige car dealership at nearby Alexandria, Harley-Heaven Sydney finally moved into bright new premises it can now call its own.

“One of the things I’m really proud of about Harley-Heaven and the Harley-Davidson brand is that we bring so many different types of people together,” said H-H marketing manager, Mick Sinclair, “and the night just proved it beyond doubt. It was great to see nearly 1000 people from all walks of life here to celebrate the one cause, Harley-Davidson and our all-new Harley-Heaven Sydney dealership.”

With greatly expanded floor space (plus mezzanine boutique) and cavernous workshop facilities, Harley-Heaven Sydney now joins their sister store at Harley-Heaven Western Sydney in Blacktown as a truly impressive and modern, specialised outlet befitting this most respected brand.

“I couldn’t be happier with the success of the grand opening event,” said dealer principal, Darren Jeffrey, whose motorcycle industry experience extends back more than 15 years, “It was awesome to see so many customers, staff, friends and family having a great time and celebrating the opening of our great new store.

“I’m so proud of how all our staff and HOG chapter members worked together to put on this amazing show. Everyone had such a great night, including all of our vendors, they really added a special touch.”

The Modus Operandi Brewing Co. [http://www.mobrewing.com.au/] beer kegs ran dry, the Tough Grind Barbers [www.facebook.com/pg/toughgrindbarbers/] were running a close shave, the Black Bear BBQ brisket rolls were a smash hit and Hunter And Fox Tattoo [https://www.hunterandfoxtattoo.com/] were buzzing until the end.

Guests included a delegation from the Hanoi HOGs and the band, Salvi & The Hired Help, kept the joint jumping quite a bit longer than they were paid for.

Harley-Heaven reminds Sydney they are here stay and provide unmatched sales and service to both current and new Harley-Davidson riders.

We know riders because #WeBuildRiders.



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